13756378 Canada Inc. is the distributor for GeoPrecision instruments in Canada and in the United States.. These instruments have a number of advantages which provide better data, better insight and a lower total cost of ownership. Here's how: 


Wireless readout accelerates data acquisition and eliminates the risk of site disturbance.

Ready-to-deploy instruments come prebuilt and ready for the field.

Ultra-high resolution, up to 0.0001°C, for confident change detection.

Highly autonomous dataloggers with long battery life and abundant memory reduce the cost of site visits and the worry of losing data.

Built for extreme environments, all instruments are fully waterproof (IP69 rated) and have been used for more than a decade in arctic and high-mountain environments.

Digital sensors have reliable calibration because sensor and all sensing electronics are always at the same temperature. They age slower in the cool ground than above ground. Calibration data is stored on each sensor node, simplifying the exchange of dataloggers on a string.

Digital thermistor strings are light and minimize heat conduction along wires. They can be shortened by folding because of their flexibility.



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